Wednesday, October 19, 2011

QR Codes Part 7: Another Lesson Plan Using QR

As part of a teen social skill group recently, I used this strange-but-cool resource from Australia that allows you to make a visual "art cube" of your interests using Google Images or YouTube clips.

The kids worked in 2 groups to assemble a cube with their favorite things (in this case, 3 kids per subgroup, so each got to pick 2 sides of the cube).

Choose the category All, then you can select what type of media to insert in the cube (Google Images and YouTube are  the best choices).
The great thing about creating the cube this way (besides the kids being really engaged in sharing things about themselves) is that we could then get together and share cubes, and the kids in the opposite group had to guess who had added what to the cube.  We were therefore working on remembering things about others, an important skill.

QR Codes served to provide a fun extension activity the following week.  Once a completed cube is saved, you can view it on the site, and when you click on each side of the cube you get the option to View Source:

When you view the source of each side of the cube, it brings you to the exact URL of the Images and YouTube videos.  Guess what you can do with those URLs? Make QR Codes of course!!  The week after completing the cube, I created QR codes with Kaywa, printed and hid the QR codes around the area, and the kids did a hunt/scan/"Oh yeah that one was something that _____ picked!" Additionally, the kids used a checklist to mark off what they had found and make a guess about the person based on the picture (e.g. "She likes pickup trucks- I bet she likes the outdoors?" We got together after the hunt and discussed the guesses.  Again, many of these strategies are based on ideas in Michelle Garcia Winner's Think Social! curriuculum, so I highly recommend you check out that book!


  1. Sean Sweeney, you are the coolest. I wanna be in your class!
    I'm glad to hear that you will be coming to Michigan to talk to us about app and SLPs.

  2. I was very interested in this idea but the link to visual art cube site is broken. Can you help with a new link or alternative?

    1. Hi- I wrote this 2 years ago so it appears the resource is no longer available. You could just make a real cube- print out QR codes linking to pics and video clips representing the student.