Saturday, October 8, 2011

Check out Pediastaff and Pinterest for Halloween (and many other) ideas!

Pinterest is a site that is creating a lot of excitement.  It is basically a spin on social bookmarking and allows members to create "Pinboards" (like a cyber bulletin board) of resources you find on the web.  The site is very visual and facilitates sharing of ideas by searching other Pinboards and "repinning" items others have highlighted.  The site is starting to be popular with SLPs and other therapists who are sharing items, most notably PediaStaff.  PediaStaff has created an awesome board about Halloween Themed activities- you should definitely check it out.

Heidi Kay from Pinterest sent me a message asking me to share this resource, and I am very happy to do so.  From Heidi: "I am trying to get the word around that not only is it a great resource, but (like with our blog), therapists need have "no worries" associated with checking it out and sharing our content. PediaStaff gets no personal data whatsoever from Pinterest. Some people are hesitant to sign up for our newsletter because they think they will get "recruited" if they give us their email address. We are really wanting this to be a true gift to the profession with no strings attached."

Heidi has an important point that PediaStaff is making great efforts to share content with therapists of all disciplines, a unique and admirable mission that is separate from their staffing endeavors. Please consider following their blog and signing up for their weekly newsletter, which are two great ways to access their content.  Heidi has written a great overview about their Pinterest resources on the PediaStaff blog, which also has a link to sign up for the newsletter.  Below, you can also see a video on how to use Pinterest.  Happy Pinning!

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