Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm on the EDceptional Podcast this week!

I was really honored to be asked to be part of the EdCeptional podcast offered through the EdReach Network of education-related audio broadcasts.  EdCeptional is a weekly show that features a panel of great educators (including fellow SLP Deb Truskey) discussing news and technology through the lens of special education.  On the show we discuss some interesting articles, issues and resources (you can see these on the show notes link) and I talk about my background, work in the Newton Public Schools and Ely Center, my experience with Social Thinking® and Mindwing Concepts, and give a lot of info about this blog!

Click on the little play button to hear (if you don't see that, you need a Flash update).  

You can also listen to this podcast via iTunes FREE download (this ep, #16, will be up soon) or the Instacast app (in both cases, search for EdReach to find the episode).  I highly recommend tuning in to EdCeptional every week!

I'm really happy with how it came out!  Great experience...thanks to all the hosts for asking me!

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