Thursday, July 28, 2011

Building Learning Communities (BLC11)-Day 1

Hey Folks-

The BLC conference sponsored by November Learning is quite an experience! Some of the brightest minds in education and technology come together for this 3-day conference right in my good old town.  Seems people come from all over, and I am so lucky to just be able to hop on the T the next couple of days to have this experience.  My colleague Brian Hammel and I were discussing how it seems to be much more fun to tweet than to take notes in a Google Doc, so we are trying that! When doing so, you first of all need to apply your learning toward whomever might read.  Additionally, it is sometimes better to share and be social (especially when attending a conference such as this) than keeping notes hidden away in a document that might never be viewed again.  I have to do some serious Google Docs organization.  So, hope these notes might offer some kernel of inspiration to you, and I plan to tweet out more the next few days! Note that the last video was offered as an example of teacher leadership- offering guidance and letting the students shine!

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