Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Posts Elsewhere and Happy Summer!

Memorial Day is for me the official start of summer, June 21 notwithstanding.  Well, we can at least wear white pants. I am sensing everyone slowing down a bit and checking out, so even though in Boston we go to school 'til the 23rd (!) I will be doing the same and posting less frequently over the summer.

That said, a few recent posts to let you know about!

Over on ASHAsphere I completed a two part series on accessing peer-reviewed journals electronically.  The steps involved would help you to with dealing with any electronic PDF file.  The first part described described (with a handout and a really short video) how you can leverage online options to keep in touch with research electronically. The second post showed how to access, read, annotate and share journal articles on iPad.  Here is the screencast that accompanied that post: 

On the Mindwing Blog, a post (also with screencast) elaborating on the Story Patch app and alignment with Mindwing's manipulative Story Grammar Marker and story maps.

I was really proud to have a guest post on one of my favorite blogs, Free Technology 4 Teachers, regarding a strategy for promoting comprehension of directions for ALL students during classroom projects involving technology.

Check out my most recent review over at TherapyApp411- it's of the Instacast app, which allows you to stream podcasts related to professional development or auditory comprehension.

Finally, on ADVANCE's Speech in the Schools blog, I am continuing my series of posts on using picture books in S/L Therapy.  This most recent post detailed resources online to promote use of picture books.

Disclosure: author is a paid contractor for Mindwing Concepts Inc, but in no other instances is monetarily compensated for product/website/app reviews.


  1. Hi there i would like to congratulate for wining in best new blog at Edublog Awards.
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  2. Hi Ana-

    Thanks very much!

    The event is announced in early December. Blogs are entered into consideration when another blogger writes a post nominating blogs (not their own) into a variety of categories, and notifying Edublogs of that post.