Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hyperbole And A Half

Hyperbole and a Half is a narrative/comic blog created by Allie Brosh that will likely make you giggle quite a bit.  Allie relates her experiences in her own unique way, and draws very funny pictures.

...that I can relate to.
I first thought of posting about Allie's blog because she has a few terrific posts on social interactions that could be great for a teenage group:
The Four Levels of Social Entrapment humorously details various situations in life where we have to "fake it" socially, and could be very useful if you are covering this skill as part of instruction in The Hidden Curriculum and/or Social Thinking.
Simlarly, The Awkward Situation Survival Guide offers what NOT to do in six different prickly moments, and is a fun way to start a discussion about dealing with tough social moments.

Allie's blog is also a masterpiece of personal memoir, as exemplified by stories such as The God of Cake, which describes her attempts (with great visual supports on narrative structure and sequence) to get at a cake made for her grandfather's birthday.

CAVEAT: Ms. Brosh sometimes includes choice words in her posts.  You would not want to set students free to poke around, rather, choose some selections to review with a group.

Another reason I mention this blog at this time is I spent a good amount of time enjoying it last summer.  It looks great on your iPad!

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