Wednesday, February 9, 2011

George Washington's World for Kids

I accidentally back-posted this to 1/3/10 some time ago- this blog didn't even exist then!  Anyway, I lost track of it, and it would be a good resource to explore around President's Day, as well as aligning with curriculum around Social Studies and the Revolutionary War.

George Washington's World for Kids gives you an interactive glimpse into colonial days and the landmark of Mount Vernon. Although I found two of the activities at this site, Harpsichord Hero (clever take off on Guitar Hero) and Bombarding Yorktown to be quite frustrating and unwinnable, the Washington's Treasures activity would make a great task for any student studying early US history or geography.  Players are tasked to find several items by obtaining clues from people on the estate.

Language Lens:
  • Obtaining clues, understanding main ideas and inferential details are all skills tapped by the Treasures activity.  
  • Students also will practice spatial concepts as they navigate the estate using a map.

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