Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wonder Pets! Save the Day

Wonder Pets! Save the Day is a cute interactive arcade-style game from Nick Jr. that would be a good activity for kindergarten-level students. Players get to choose a mission- an animal needs to be saved-dress the pets, assemble their boat, and rush to the rescue! The arcade controls are extremely forgiving, so it's unlikely that you or the kids would get frustrated. Some odd music here- I wonder if the Wonder Pets! should burst into song quite that much, but I bet kids would love it.

Language Lens
  • This activity relates to a number of curriculum-based categories younger kids need to learn, such as animal habitats and living vs. nonliving things. Additionally, part-whole relationships and basic categories such as clothing are targeted.
  • The arcade game provides a good opportunity to model spatial (up/down, right/left) and temporal concepts (before/after).

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