Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Colonial Williamsburg's Site

Many museums, parks, etc have great interactives that approximate the experience of going to the place itself! Colonial Williamsburg has a surprisingly generous range of interactive games and activities that are well worth exploring for elementary or students who are studing colonial history.

Colonial Postcard Maker can be used to construct a historical scene, thus targeting storytelling skills in context.
Use Brickmaker Buildup to address goals around describing complex processes/sequences, while providing exposure to background information about colonial jobs.

Heads Up for the Colonists is another activity that speaks to how clothing related to vocation and social standing in colonial times.

More at the site!

Language Lens
We need not go far to find engaging, free activities that allow students to use classroom language and concepts in creative ways (thus targeting thinking skills on higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy).

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