Friday, August 19, 2011

Make Your Own Backyard Paradise

Make Your Own Backyard Paradise is an interesting, if totally strange, interactive from PBS. Students can select a background and choose from various objects in nonspecific categories (Thing-a-ma-bobs, Doo-Dads, Whatchamacalits), arrange, resize and rotate them to create a potentially absurd scene.

Language Lens
  • Naming the objects in various categories could serve as a good word-finding and description activity.
  • Arrangement and resizing of objects provides a good opportunity to work on spatial and temporal concepts.
  • Discussion of why certain objects go well or look silly in the scene will contextually prompt causal sentence structures.
  • The category names of the objects could help students with word retrieval difficulties become aware of nonspecific language.
  • The "Letter" category could be used in a phonemic awareness activity.

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