Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chatterpix Kids

Chatterpix Kids (free) is a fun, simple app that allows you to turn any image into a "talking head" by recording a 30 second message. Apps that combine images and audio are prime targets for language as they lend context and engagement to your language objectives. Simply take or save a photo (this app allows you to save to the camera roll, so this is fair use copyright-wise unless you plan to export to YouTube or otherwise republish), slide your finger to add a "mouth" and record.

You can make this app part of a process by having your student write a short paragraph script (with a focus on your language objectives such as main idea/details, listing, sequencing or categorizing, or microstructure aspects such as complex sentences or pronouns), or treat it as an intervention context for students who don't do so well on CELF-5's Formulated Sentences. Chatterpix Kids gives us an opportunity to make therapy educationally relevant as well by having students describe curriculum-relevant people or objects.

Here, I am readying Boston's mayor Marty Walsh to talk about our terrible winter (note the mouth):

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  1. I love Chatterpix and so do my students! I have had my student pick a topic or theme and then the student used Chatterpix to make a series of talking photos. We then used iMovie to put their videos together in one movie. One student gave a tutorial on Story Grammar Marker by making each of the magnets talk.

  2. Great idea on iMovie- maybe I should do a post on this. BRILLIANT idea on SGM! Thanks.