Monday, February 17, 2014

Blogobirthday and Giveaway!

Hi Folks,

This month, I am celebrating the fourth year of this blog! Wow! Thanks all who keep reading and keep me writing...

To celebrate, and because of a convenient coincidence, I am going to give away 10 codes for the full version of Comics Head (normally $3.99), a terrific comic-making app. Jay from NextWave Multimedia saw my post on how Comics Head could be used to build narrative and social awareness, and offered up the codes to you guys.

Image via Flickr Creative Commons by Omer Wazir

I don't normally do giveaways because they frankly are hard to do via blog! Also, I am headed to sunny FL tomorrow for the remainder of school vacation week here in the Northeast, and so don't have much time to devote to this. So, we are going to keep this REALLY simple. If you would like to receive a code:
-Leave a comment on THIS POST within 24 hrs about how you use comics in your work (any kind of comic, digital or not). Some readers have reported trouble posting a comment. Good teachable moment- if you ever have trouble with a website, switch browsers (Chrome generally works well with Blogger).
-Leave your email address in the body of the comment (if you don't, you have not entered).
-If I receive more than 10 comments, I will pick by random number generator and email you the code- 24 hrs from now!
-If I don't get 10 comments in 24 hrs, I am going to give the codes to Twitter pals (Twitter pals also feel free to comment here, haha)!
-You will need to redeem the code immediately or may lose the opportunity to do so, as they expire soon.
-Please do not email me about the giveaway, as the instructions and everything you need to know about it are above.

Much thanks!

EDIT- I realized I don't have wifi on my plane, and I don't want to bring my computer on vacation! So I did the drowning a bit early. Winners: Linda, Matt, Lisa, Ilene (email comment), Leslie, EasyRead, Diana, Sharon, Ryan, Stephanie

Sorry if you didn't win- thanks for participating!!


  1. We'll forgive the lack of imagination but I'd plan on using this app very much as you described in your related post. I've some new school-aged students added on my caseload, all of whom are way into graphic novels. I've begun introducing Social Thinking ® lessons & their individual goals focus on narrative development & reading comp. Help me help these guys! Thanks and happy bday! Leslie

  2. Great-I use comics for perspective, inferences, narrative & social skills. great app for older kids.

  3. I have used comics as reading context cues (visual plus written cues) with my students. Also, I've used comics with students that are working on writing goals. I nlovk off ghe writing on the comics and let the students write their own comments for the pivtures. Students enjoy comics because they are a break from the usual written material.

  4. Hi Sean, Happy "blogobirthday!" I already purchased comic head following your recommendation, but wanted to wish you well. I love the blog and always learn something new or get a great idea to use with my students. Thank you for all you do and add to the profession.

  5. I like to use them for articulation and social skills;

  6. I have two high school kids with ASD. We are always looking for fun ways to make social stories. I have one in particular that we are going to work on code shifting between peers and adults. He tends to speak very formally with his peers. Using comics is a fun way for us to practice.

    Keep up the good work, Sean.
    -Ryan K.

  7. I like to use comics when teaching literacy skills....I'll hide target words in the text of the comics for the kids to find...definitely more fun than reading the words in plain old sentences!

    Happy Blog Birthday! Looking forward to more great posts!

  8. I love the creativity of all these SLPs - I'm coming up with some new ideas to try! I have used comics primarily with my ASD kiddos - appropriate vs. inappropriate things to say. Should we make that a thought bubble or a speech bubble?

    Love your blog - congrats!


  9. I use comics for literacy, social thinking and even artic. Lots of my clientele are older and they love to be creative. Lisatakefman@ Happy birthday!

  10. I use comics with my students with cognitive impairments. We use them to create social stories as well as another way to create narratives. It is fun to create narratives with comic book features and then publish them! Happy Birthday! This blog is an invaluable tool to my practice. Thank you for all your generosity on a weekly basis! Leah

  11. Happy birthday & congratulations! I'd love to have a code to use that app with the high school students I serve. diana dot clarke at d214 dot org. Thanks!

  12. I agree that using comics is a very engaging way to get middle and high school students on board and they are better are developing them than I am. I would love to have a code to Comics Head to use with my students. Have a nice vacation, Sean. Bonnie @

  13. Hi! I use Comic Life to help kids with social skills and for social stories...I also use Toontastic to support story grammar and cause/effect relationships!

  14. Thanks for all your great work, Sean. I find it so helpful in my daily work with students. I love using comic strips for storytelling, sequencing, and perspective taking. Kerry

  15. Happy birthday! Sure wish I was going on vacation...I use comic strips in the early childhood room to tell comic strip stories to help the children talk about social situations. I am not an artist to say the least. This app would add so much to what I'm already doing.

  16. Comics are a great way to build high interest stories for my low readers that can target articulation, pragmatic, language goals for almost any age.

  17. Hi folks- winners drawn early due to a change in travel plans. See post above! Feel free to keep leaving comments about how you use comics and try the free version of the app!

  18. Hi Sean, you have been my go-to guy for user friendly apps since the beginning. You make apps easy and approachable. I channel my inner Sean when I'm frustrated, then go to YouTube (as you often do) when I can't figure something out on my own. My student have been using such apps as Toontastic and CollegePics thanks to your wisdom. Keep connecting us with technology. There's no going back now! Lisa