Thursday, January 2, 2014

iPad 101 Webinar

If you feel like you could use some strategies to get your feet wet with your iPad, or know others that could use a contextual introduction to increase their comfort with integrating technology in their work, please sign up for or share my upcoming webinar for ASHA. The content of the webinar will be presented as sort of a "week in the life of an SLP with an iPad," chiefly geared toward the school setting but generalizable to other areas of practice.

The information is below, and you can register here. The webinar will be broadcast live on 2/16/14 and available as a replay for the following year.

This webinar will familiarize you with the basic functions of the iPad in order to more effectively use its associated tools for productivity and clinical application. Sean Sweeney, speech-language pathologist and instructional technology specialist, will demonstrate key tricks for applying the iPad in clinical settings, including use of the Camera and Photos apps, Calendar, Notes, and web-browsing with Safari. This webinar will include an exploration of accessibility settings, strategies for app evaluation, and free or low-cost ancillary apps to facilitate your integration of this powerful tool. The webinar will present strategies applicable in the context of a typical school week, but those suggested can be generalized to other settings. 


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  2. The iPad 101 webinar proved to be a priceless educational opportunity for anybody looking to maximize the capabilities of their iPad. The presenter's proficiency was apparent as they skillfully covered a wide range of subjects, engaging both novice and experienced users. Everything was discussed in detail and with clarity throughout the webinar, from basic features to more complex ones. Real-time demos and questions were included in the interactive style to ensure that attendees could follow along easily. The pragmatism of this webinar was what really made it stand out; it offered doable advice on how to improve iPad usage right now. Attendees left this workshop feeling empowered and motivated to utilize their iPad to the fullest, whether it was for setting optimization, investigating productivity apps, or exploring artistic skills.
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