Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Language Adventures updated with new content!

I am really proud to announce that one of the apps I have worked on, Language Adventures, was just updated with DOUBLE the content.  Language Adventures was first released this past spring, as a contextual board game for iPad with "flexible word use" targets across three categories: synonyms, antonyms, and multiple meanings. The app allows you to choose a level, roughly geared at early elementary/upper elementary-MS/MS-HS, for up to four players with fun use of their photographs during the game. Additionally, within those levels therapists can choose the Receptive activity, which provides multiple choice answers, or the more difficult Expressive activity, which uses the same questions but presents them as open-ended, without choices:

Level 2 (Cafeteria)- Receptive Categories

Level 2 (Cafeteria)- Expressive Categories

The authors of the app, Nichole Ontis and Danielle Sears, envisioned Language Adventures as a flexible therapy tool that SLPs could use with groups of kids that have diverse goals.  To that end, they developed three additional levels: wh-Questions, inferences, and categories. With this additional content, you can have one student developing vocabulary and word retrieval while others may be using comprehension strategies. The update contains a few additional fixes and features such as the ability to turn the intro background music off. If you already own Language Adventures, tap your App Store app and update it- the additional content is free. If you haven't bought it yet, I hope you will!  Here are a few reviews of the original version of Language Adventures for you:

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Hanna B, Grad Student SLP

Disclosure: Author has a contractual relationship with Smarty Ears Apps and receives a portion of the profit of the sales of this app.

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