Learn more about Technology and SLP Ideas

There are a lot of wonderful SLPs out there blogging and sharing ideas about best practices!  Additionally, there are many educators blogging about using technology, and their language-based lessons can apply to you. Blogs are a GREAT "receptive" way to engage in social media and professional development. No need to interact if you don't want to; just read!

I am a strong advocate of following blogs using an aggregator tool such as Feedly. Feedly is a free, clean and efficient tool that you can use to skim all blogs you subscribe to, share posts with others, and curate posts for later reading by "saving for later" or tagging posts in categories for your organization.

Folks also like Flipboard and Zite, news aggregators that provide different experiences and features (also see Bloglovin' and Digg Reader). Each of these let you browse a variety of blogs, customize what you read, and curate posts for later reading.

What blogs should you follow? Heidi Kay of Pediastaff and Jenna Rayburn of Speech Room News have created great lists here and here very well so I am not sure how much I will reinvent the skillfully constructed wheel. It's very easy to add individual blogs to Feedly, as you can see in the tutorial below.

Overall, Feedly is super easy to use! See this video tutorial on using the web or iPad versions of Feedly (you can then add blogs from the above lists):

Last Tips: Be sure to add something to your Feedly that makes you laugh or think (or both). Lately, I am enjoying the guilty pleasure of BuzzFeed, and Lifehacker always gives me good ideas. Both of these blogs, and some others, can be very prolific.

DO NOT feel like you need to read every post of anything. That is sure to short out your brain and make you want to stop following blogs. Liberate thyself whenever the number of unread posts stresses you our- you can remove the subscription or "Mark all as Read." No one will know. Be Zen. Whatever you read is just the right amount for you to read.