This is the SpeechTechie Frequently Asked Questions page.  Please forgive me if I have responded to your email by referring you to this page, but I get many email questions and thought this would be a good time-saving resource.  So here goes- I expect this list will grow!

Are you available to consult or present? 
YES! I am a working SLP, so there are some limitations on my availability, but I have taken a part-time position so I will be available for presentations and consults. Please see the SpeechTechie Services page and contact me for logistics at sean@speechtechie.com.

I have a student who (insert description here)...what would you recommend?
I cannot help with this kind of question via email.  What this question is asking for is a consultation, and without my having some contact with that student, or a relationship with you personally, it would not be ethical for me to make specific recommendations.  Please, however, use SpeechTechie as what it is intended to be, a compendium of resources for you to consider and evaluate as they may apply to your specific cases.

My child (insert description here)...what would you recommend?
Again, this falls in a murky area- it is not really ethical for SLPs to consult with you via email about your child's needs.  I would recommend that you seek local professionals for assistance.

I just got an iPad and I am excited/overwhelmed! Where do I start?
Good for you! It is definitely an exciting purchase. If you feel like you need to get to know the device and its operating system, it's a good idea to take one of Apple's free workshops at your local (hopefully you have one) Apple Store.  You can schedule your participation online and the Apple Geniuses are enthusiastic and professional.  In terms of Apps, the SLP Apps List is a great place to start, especially getting to know the resources at the top of the list.

I have a question about...[question continues and is regarding Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC)]
It is a common misconception that because I am interested in technology, I have expertise in AAC.  My experience lies more with the population of students with moderate disabilities, and you will note that my writing focuses on this population.  I have worked with students who use AAC, however, I do so in consultation with professionals who have expertise in this area.  I really do not feel comfortable responding to questions about AAC (even iPads and AAC) as I do not make recommendations or treatment plans for this level of student without getting help myself!

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